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At Cordant we make all of our educational material available to the public free-of-charge. We believe that all investors should have access to material that will inform and educate them so that they can make good decisions regarding their wealth.

While we specialize in helping current and former Intel employees achieve their financial and life goals, much of the material in the library is applicable beyond that audience. So take a look and see what interests you.

Click on the title of the material you'd like and you'll be taken to a page with a description of the content. If you decide you want it, just complete and submit the form on the page and then download away!

We are regularly updating and adding to the content in our on-line library, so check back frequently.

White papers


"Costs of Managing Wealth: An Overview of Fees in the Industry"



"Investment Integration: A Holistic Approach to Managing Intel Retirement Plan Assets"


"Managing Investment Assets in Retirement: A Proven, Seven-step Framework"

"Retiring From Intel: A Strategic Approach"


eBooks / Reports

"Navigating the Intel Retirement Plan: A 4-step Guide to Making the Most of Your Investment Options"



CordantWealth2017SocialSecurityGuide_Cover Page.jpg
"Cordant's 2017 Guide to Social Security"


"Three Mistakes Intel Employees Make as They Approach Retirement"



Actions Intel Employees Should Take to Prepare For Downsizing.png
"Actions Employees Should Take To Prepare For Downsizing"


Downloadable Tools

Fund expense calculator image.png

"Intel Fund Expense Calculator"


"Pension Analysis Tool"


Fund expense calculator image.png

"Intel Retirement Benefits Calculator"



Intel Checklist Image.png

"Actions Employees Should Take To Prepare For Downsizing"


Navigating handout image.png"Navigating the Financial Transition from Intel" handout



Financial goal worksheet image.png"Intel Financial Goal Worksheet"


IPTIE image.png"Intel Periodic Table of Investment Elements"



On-demand Webinars

Pension image.png
"Understanding the Intel Pension"


Nav Trans image.png

"Navigating the Financial Transition from Intel to Retirement"


Taxes image.png
"Strategies to Save on Taxes in Retirement"

Nav Options image.png
"Navigating the Investment Options of the Intel Retirement Plan"


Elections image.png
"The Upcoming Election: Is Your Portfolio Prepared?"


Retirement Misconceptions webinar.jpeg 

"Optimizing your Retirement - Debunking Common Misconceptions about Retirement Planning"

Life After Intel Interview Series:

Dave Savelle.png"Episode 1:  Dave Savelle"

Ben Manny.png"Episode 2:  Ben Manny"


Dave Riendeau.png"Episode 3:  Dave Riendeau"