managing investment assets in retirement:  a proven, seven-step framework

How can I optimize my portfolio in retirement?

wp-managing-investment-assets_cover.pngMany people think of investing as a process that answers questions such as “which stock should I buy?” or “which mutual funds should I pick for my IRA?”

While these are important questions to consider, the process of choosing the appropriate investments for your portfolio represents only a fraction of the value that you could be getting from your investment framework.

The fact is, being intentional, disciplined, and deliberate with your investment decisions can add tremendous value to your portfolio in retirement. But what does a holistic, intentional investment framework look like? And how do you get there?

In this paper, we present holistic framework for managing your investment assets in retirement, and outline the seven key factors to consider when building an optimized portfolio.

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What you'll learn:

  • A seven-step framework for holistically managing your investments during retirement.
  • The studied benefits of a holistic approach, including reduced expenses, minimized taxes, and enhanced returns.
  • How Cordant helps former Intel clients develop and implement a holistic approach to managing their investments in retirement.

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