A 4-step guide to making the most of your investment options

Don't let all of the choices that Intel offers overwhelm you

Intel provides its employees with a very good retirement savings plan that ranks in the top 15% of its peer group.  But between the Intel 401k, the Intel retirement contribution plan, and the Intel SERPLUS there are so many investment options that a great deal of people avoid making the choices needed to optimize the way their retirement accounts work for them.

Ebook_Cover_-_Navigating_the_Intel_Retirement_Plan.pngThis eBook provides an easy-to-follow process that will help you make sense of the Intel investment options.  After reading it: 

  • You will understand the importance of setting an allocation that is right for you
  • You will be able to discern between the actively managed and index funds offered
  • You will know how to reduce the investment costs that can stifle your gains
  • You will know what to look for when assessing fund performance.

The eBook also includes a free tool to help you visualize and organize your options--the Intel Periodic Table of Investment Options.

Don't shortchange yourself and your retirement.  Fill out the form on the right and download your free copy of the eBook today!





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