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Thank you for accepting our invitation! 

you've taken an important first step

Do you want to learn about how Cordant helps current and former Intel employees prepare for retirement and achieve their financial goals?

Many of us will spend 20, 30, or sometimes 40+ years working.  But how many of us are truly prepared to spend a similar amount of time in retirement?  What does your ideal post-Intel life look like?  Are you planned and positioned to achieve that ideal?

If finding the answers to these questions is important to you, if you want to be intentional about how you manage your wealth, and if you have at least $500k in investable assets (including your Intel Retirement Plan accounts), then please consider signing up for a free two-part assessment with one of our advisors.  

This assessment starts with a 20-30 minute phone meeting.  In this call you will learn about:  

  • The Cordant team's history of working with Intel employees and retirees
  • The principals behind how we operate
  • Our three-step process for helping people make smart, intentional, and deliberate decisions regarding their wealth

We will also collect some information about you and your situation that we can analyze for the second part of the process.

That second part typically happens after a week or two and includes a deeper analysis of your goals and resources.  In it we will:

  • Discuss any gaps uncovered
  • Quantify the benefits of filling them
  • Suggest potential strategies for filling those gaps.  

And you will come away with:

  • Improved insight on your own situation
  • An understanding of if/how Cordant can help you realize your goals. 

If this appeals to you, just complete the form on this page and we will contact you to schedule your call.