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If you're reading this page, chances are you are concerned about, or affected by, upcoming layoffs at Intel. While anxiety is a normal response to this situation, we think excitement could also be appropriate.  You've reached a strategic inflection point in your life, it's being thrust upon you, and you have the opportunity to choose a new direction for your career and your life.  That's exciting!

arrows.pngAt Cordant we believe that all big decisions should be made "intentionally."  That is, have a clear understanding of your goals and objectives, have a plan for achieving them, and decide based on what best advances you toward them.  Just like a business like Intel does!

If you, too, want to be intentional with your decisions about what to do after Intel, Cordant can help.

We are a wealth management firm focused on serving current and former Intel employees and dedicated to helping our clients “Get More Out of Life.” We've found that...

...Most investors struggle to solve their “big” financial questions

  • Am I making smart investment choices?
  • Do I need to keep working?  Can I retire now?
  • When can I retire? Am I on track for retirement?
  • Am I spending more than I should, or, less than I could?

The Cordant system provides answers to these questions with a deliberate, systematic, and specialized approach

  • Financial Planning by Design (not default): We help you set clear financial goals, define what success looks like to you, and develop a baseline plan for achieving your goals.
  • Asset Protection and Growth: All assets are invested in a smart, diversified portfolio—one that’s based on data and evidence, not forecasts and opinion.
  • Easy Result Tracking: 24/7 access to your performance-reporting portal where you can track all your accounts—both at Intel and held elsewhere.

We’ve been working with Intel employees, current and former, for over a decade

At Cordant, we fully understand the Intel culture with its unique thought processes, drive for continuous improvement, and focus on results.

Over the last decade, we've developed deep expertise concerning the benefits, retirement accounts, and equity compensation that Intel provides.

Are you tired of struggling for answers to your big financial questions?

Learn how Cordant helps our clients “Get More Out of Life.” Enroll in our three meeting process and put the Cordant team to work for you.Cordant_3-step_process.jpg

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Be Intentional with your Decisions